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We have helped nurses write better resumes and we can help you too! Top Nurses have landed jobs at Major hospitals, Facilities, Organizations

Healthcare and Nursing Resumes 

Many nurses are overworked and under-compensated. A professionally-written resume will improve your professional branding, and place you at a competitive edge for better salary negotiations. Our clients have received job offers with 30% higher salaries than their peers.  Longer shifts, stressful environments, and low pay/benefits are the daily realities of many nurses. There are unexplored Nursing professions still waiting for you to grab. Organizations are willing to offer high benefits to high-value nurses who are able to communicate their offerings and worth. 

The Old Way Nurses Get a Job

Download a resume template, and tell your story in the most constricted way. Because employers get a thousand and templated- resumes just like the one you just downloaded, they pass or present a shabby one-sided offer. You end up with a job that makes you feel miserable.  

The New Way Nurses Offer Services

Tell your story in a compelling way.  Have a professional craft a tailored, stronger brand and build a strong marketing message for you.  Present your valuable offerings as a professional to employers, and employers offer you well-suited pay and benefits packages, you hand-pick the best offer based on research and a professional eye-view. You get a role that you deserve that gives room for your career growth.

ResumeInn 3- Step Process 

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Nursing Resume Writing

Our team is a network of professionals who have successfully marketed and helped nurses upgrade their professional brands into high-value nursing professionals We will write a targeted resume for your specialty that finds you better opportunities.   


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PLAN 2 - $750

Transition from Nursing to Other Careers

We have helped healthcare professionals, especially nurses, successfully transition to their passions, and other careers in healthcare and outside of healthcare.   Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn Optimization Career Guidance

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